Use our products to grow Nutrient rich, Organic Vegetables

How to use our Products.

1.Apply the starter at 1kg per square meter.

2. In a New Bed we spread the VegeBooster Formula about 10 to 15 cm below the top and then top up with soil.

3. In an existing bed we dig in the VegeBooster Formula so that it is at least 5 cm deep. Be careful not to harm roots in the digging process.

4. Water the bed so that the VegeBooster Formula dissolves into the soil.

5. Apply the EM1 mixture you have made as per procedure.  Click Here

6. Plant you seedlings/ seeds.

7. Apply the EM1 mixture weekly for the first 3 weeks and then once every 2 to 3 weekly.

8. Harvest as required.

9. Every 2 to 3 months (depending upon when you replace the vegetables) – feed with our VegeBooster maintenance dose at 350 grams per square meter. The formula for the maintenance dose is different to the starter dose.

10. Note – when you have heavy feeders like  tomato, pepper, eggplant, the cucurbits, broccoli and cauliflower and celery Use 1 and ½ times the dose for both the VegeBooster Starter and maintenance dose.

11. Apply Neem Oil weekly as per procedure.   Click Here .

Enjoy Nutrient rich, health boosting vegetables.