Good health is precious.

If your health is really important to you and you really want you and your loved ones to be in the best of health then watch this video.

My story is that on 20th June 2015 X-Rays revealed that 5 of my vertebrae fractured overnight. My bones had become soft and brittle. A few weeks later they found a tumour in my brain and 2 more of my vertebrae fractured.  

Today I am in good health. My story is not only about how I got better. It is also about how you can better protect your health and the health of your loved ones based upon solid scientific evidence.

This video shows you one of the things I did to regain my health and how easily you could do it too.

I paraphrase Dr Maya Shetreat-Klein ( pediatric neurologist) :-

  1. Lack of nutrients lead to chronic illnesses.

  2. Nutrient rich foods build resistance – Resistance assists us fight illnesses.

    Our solution is based upon eating the best food or as Hippocrates the father of modern medicine said

    “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”

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